Hey, I'm Autumn –

I'm a recent graduate from RIT with a degree in New Media Design and an interest in visual and interaction design.

My backpack started off as a crisp, bright blue, standard L. L. Bean backpack. But over the past twelve years of use, that design has evolved into a faded, loved collection of fabric that now has character - held together by safety pins, covered in pins and buttons, bursting at the seams with memories, experience and growth. My personality has designed that backpack into what it is today, and while I don't think that all designs should necessarily be held together by safety pins, I believe it's important to incorporate a bit of character and personality into our designs to provide a more approachable way of connecting with each other, inside and outside of our comfort bubbles, or backpacks.

My Face

Feel free to reach out for just about anything, I love to meet new people!

Call 1.207.838.4372

Write acoyle32@gmail.com

Meet Portland, ME


My pin covered backpack tells all.

Pickle Fanatic
Admirer of All Things Cheese
Soft Pretzel Addict
Sweet Potato Lover