While interning at Odopod I had the opportunity to work on the Hennessy website revamp visual and interaction designs.


Internship Work

01 Ideation

02 Visual Design

03 Interaction Design

“Never stop. Never settle.”

In the words of Odopod

"As Hennessy’s premier digital partner since 2012, we’ve gotten to know this historic brand and its devoted followers — a crowd that’s on their phones a lot. Our responsive, mobile-first site gives them better, more personal ways to keep up and connect with Hennessy wherever they are."

Internship Work

Shown below are some of the pieces I created while working on the Hennessy site revamp at Odopod. I had the experience of working on the visual design team as well as interact with the rest of the project team, from strategists to developers, and sit in on client meetings.

03 ideation

Iterate, iterate, iterate.

I am extremely grateful I got to experience Odopod's design process, I was able to learn a lot and produce amazing designs thanks to how frequently I received feedback and how much they encouraged designers to iterate and try out every idea.

05 visual design

Visual Designs

Odopod did an amazing job creating a visually striking design that highlights both the culture and history of the Hennessy brand and it's incredible to get to say I had my hand in the visual development of this project. Shown below are some of the pieces I had the opportunity to work with and design.

06 interaction design

Motion Studies

Beyond visual design I was also given the task of taking the beautifully crafted designs created by my fellow project members and producing motion studies to share with our client and developers.

Home Page Snap Scrolling
Hennessy Life to Article Detail
Carousel Drag Indicator Iteration
Carousel Drag Indicator Iteration
07 conclusion

Not only did I have the experience of working on a design team at Odopod, I also participated in client and project team meetings. I had the opportunity to consult with designers as well as strategists and developers on design decisions and learned to reach beyond the visual scope of a project. Through my work on this project I got to enhance my visual and motion design skills, create interaction models for developers and learn how to prepare my compositions for design to dev handoff the odo-way.

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