I wanted to create a cross-platform application that takes some of the weight off of small business owner's shoulders by making their finances and budgeting as easy as 2+2.


Student Project

01 Research

02 Visual Direction

03 Ideation

04 Visual Design

05 Interaction Design

“Finance & Budgeting made easy.”

Project Prompt

Explore the visual representation and innovative potential of real time data forms and present them in a way that is easy to understand and engaging for the targeted user.

When challenged with the concept of real time data display I took a look at the problems and challenges faced by my friends and family. I noticed that a lot of people today are looking to start a new or personal business and need a way to track their finances and properly budget their income. Many of these people work another job or have a family to take care of causing them to need an easy to use, readily available application.

Project Goals
Financial Success
Revenu’s main goal is to help it’s users towards financial success and to help them see that success over time with understandable and interesting visuals.
Simplifying Tedious Tasks
Revenu should simplify the time consuming and tedious tasks that businesses need to complete to keep themselves up and running, such as invoices, accounting reports and more.

Small Business Focus
While it can be used by larger businesses Revenu’s focus is on helping small or personal businesses. It’s goal it to lighten the weight for people starting or upkeeping their own business.

01 research planning

Getting Business Savvy

Before diving into this project I did some research to better understand what is needed from business owners to run their finances in a successful and organized manner. This ranged from learning what common business terms mean, looking into common documents used for accounting and financing, and learning about the loans and taxes small businesses often deal with.

Researching helped define what screens and modules would be needed in this application to help it's users be successful business owners.

02 visual direction

Nostalgic Simplicity

Revenu’s theme should create an inviting and safe environment. Users should feel that their banking information is secure on this application but also that Revenu’s UI is friendly and helpful. User’s should feel a almost nostalgic simplicity to the application and it’s use.

03 ideation


When starting my sketches I decided to focus on mobile first with the initial idea that my mobile designs would transfer into a dashboard style tablet and desktop design. This would allow for easy navigation and a module system.


While wireframing I bounced back and forth between my information architecture, research I had done on traditional finance documents and the wirefrmes themselves. This process allowed me to design a number heavy topic in a more understandable and enjoyable way.


I spent most of my iterative process in the wireframing stage. Since this was a topic I was unfamiliar with, seeing as I myself don't run a business, I felt it was important to get my information design to a solid and visual pleasing point in black and white before adding color.

04 concept development

Core Features

Banking Capabilities
Users will have access to their bank accounts, the summary, current activities, even have the ability to pay bills and their employees.
Income and Expense Reports
Users will be given a clear and simple overview of their businesses current financial health and their past financial health.
Business Taxes and Loans
Users can keep up to date with their payments and see their progress in paying off their loans and taxes.
05 visual design

Visual Designs

Banking Detail
Loans Detail
Bank Account Transactions
Edit a Transaction
Budget Detail
Income Statement Detail
Launch Screen
Onboarding Process
06 interaction design

Explore Revenu

Join Revenu

Revenu's onboarding process gather's new user's information through easy to fill out steps. Users can learn why the app requests certain information, get educated on different topics such as their business type, and skip steps depending on their preferences.

Explore the App

Revenu's account page is an easy way to get updated on all your finances, check on your accounts, make payments and review your budget. This allows easy access to all of your documents and is constantly up to date as long as you connect your bank accounts and allow access to your financial realtime data.

Navigate from Page to Page

Through the use of a mobile nav, card quicklinks and a readily available back button users can easily navigate from page to page, even on a mobile application.

Simple Editting Capabilities

While Revenu operates off of the data it collects from your bank accounts, spending and planned budgets, users are still capable of manually editting anything within the app. So if you have a new bank account, made a new hire, or simply want to make manual changes to your income and expenses it's no problem!

Quick and Easy Payment Options

Throughout Revenu's design there are quicklinks to submitting payments. While some user's might prefer to pay through their online bank accounts or on Revenu's detail page for payments these quicklinks serve both as a friendly reminder and the opportunity for payment on the go.

07 conclusion

Self-Taught Business Guru

What made this project so challenging and interesting for me was educating myself on the world of business and financing. As a college student I didn't have much of a grasp on how businesses function, what sort of expenses they deal with and how they plan for the future, I honestly didn't even know what a typically person's bank account should look like, so this really forced me to research, plan, and wireframe more than I ever have before.

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