I wanted to create an application with a conscious, that enourages it's users to stay on track and gives them the support network they need to thrive.


Student Project

01 Research & Planning

02 Visual Direction

03 Ideation

04 Concept Development

05 Visual Design

06 Interaction Design

“Improving chances of sobriety.”

Project Prompt

Create a mobile application with a niche target market based around the concept of image sharing.

When first given this prompt my mind first jumped to social media, food, and some of the other, already existing, image sharing trends. I began thinking about the other benefits beyond the user entertainment to many of these image based applications, such as the connectivity, the constant network, our friends at our fingertips, whenever we needed them. This all lead me to want to create a mobile application that brings together a support network to help increase the chances of sobriety for recovering addicts.

Project Goals
Create a Community
One of the most important things for people going through rough times or not is to have a community surrounding them and supporting them no matter what. Thrive aims to help create those communities for it's users.
Daily Engagement
One of Thrive's goal is to incentivize daily engagement and participation from it's users within the application and it's communities. By giving it's users a reason to return and engage each day it give it's users a reminder of their goals and Thrive's mission.

Improve Chances of Sobriety
Thrive's main goal is to help it's users towards sobriety and to improve their chances everyday to stay sober. All of thrive's features and goals are aimed to support this central goal.

01 research planning

Stepping into New Shoes

Upon starting this project I knew I was going to be designing from a perspective I had never seen from before, from the eyes of someone in recovery and doing their best to stay on track. Due to this I felt it was neccessary to create a complete persona as well as do my research on recovery and therapy tactics for people in this position.

Researching helped define what screens and modules would be needed in this application to help it's users be successful in their journey towards sobriety.

02 visual direction

Creating a sense of Community

My direction for Thrive's theme was to create a calming and peaceful environment that allowed it's users to become comfortable and create a sense of community.

03 ideation


During my sketching process I took inspiration from health and social media applications. I wanted to find elements that could help "gamify" the experience without trivializing my user's and what they're going through.


04 concept development

Core Features

Daily Challenges

While other aspects of the application encourage users to post and interact, this feature prompts users to do something new each day and incentives them to do so. It's goal is to help bring users back day in and day out and give them the opportunity to start each day on a positive note, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Points for Progress

Users can gain points for participation in the daily challenge, for posting and interacting within their communities, going to an event, even completing or moving toward completing one of their personal goals. This feature in the application helps remind users of their progress and encourages them to keep moving forward.

Emergency Hotlines

Users are prompted to input their emergency contact upon signing up for the application, that way, if needed, they have a quick and easy way to call their ICE whenever. This feature also uses the user's gps to locate nearby hospitals and suggest hotlines so no matter what they can get the help the need.

Networks and Communities

Users are allowed to be part of as many communities as they wish and are allowed to invite their friends and family to be able to post and encourage them through the application, helping strength each user's support network. Groups may be public or private and may require an access code to join, this allows for privacy and security for all of Thrive's users.

05 visual design

Visual Designs

Launch Screen
Home Screen
Help Line & Emergency Calls
Account Daily Progress
Account Weekly Progress
Account Posts
Account Photos
Community Posts
06 interaction design

Adding Motion

Profile: Your Daily Achievements
Explore your Account
Keep up to date with Groups
Help When & Where You Need It
07 conclusion

Designing for a Niche

Designing for a niche market really pushed me to create a complete persona and step into their shoes to be able to create an application and environment that is cohesive to their needs and wants. Throughout the process of creating this application I constantly found myself looking back to my persona, Murphy, and scouring the internet for research, new ideas and personal stories that could help make this application better for the people it's designed for.

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